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List of main file formats supported by the program:
REXIF is a format for storing camera pictures.
XFILE is a program for converting XFS files to REXF files.
RealMedia is a versatile format for accommodating more information during recording than is compressed on a CD.
Runtime format (files for translating VST to MP3)
... is a typical translator default file. It reads the data from the original codec and converts it to MP 3 in a file which it then reads from the CD. The stream file can be updated (by adding new initiator files) or deleted (because it does not create response files).
Multimedia playlists. Audio, wav, mp3, m4a, mkv, htm, wma formats are supported.
The program stores dozens of playlists, can create music files in VST format.
Based on what you are recording, Audio-CDRay offers you the option to convert your music to various formats.
You can write your own music file to the CDR tag.
You can change its format by clicking on the converter icon:
It is also possible to change the playlist using the configuration menu.
All data is stored in the /library directory.
For convenient music playback, Audacity can do everything via a serial port (COM), via USB, or over a network.
Audio-Toolkit has problems with this.
By default, the audio album is played via COM.
The same problem exists with Audible, music is played through USB, but not through the CMU.
The official video player.
Developed and maintained by Mobler, a leading developer of software for multimedia players.Using f02ee7bd2b